The Ndolè


Ndolè also called scientifically “VERNONIA AMYGDALINA” belongs to the family of ASTERACEAE. This wild shrub grows mainly in the equatorial forest in Afrika, specially in Cameroon. In Nigeria, it is commonly called  BITTER LEAF because of his extreme bitterness. This shrub requires heat and plenty of water to flourish.
Ndolè has the appearance of european spinach. His exceptional taste is obtained thanks to a long and meticulous preparation. The most important and difficult step is to extract the bitterness from the leaves, Ndolè is cooked with a paste  of boiled peanuts and spices. We usually add meat, shrimps or eat it natural accompanied by fried or boiled plantains, manioc sticks, semolina or even rice. Ndolè is also used in traditional medecine to treat various diseases like, malaria and intestinals parasites. Ndolè leaves contain a quinine substitute often helping to break down fever. They also contain anti-oxidants to help regenerate damaged body tissue.

What We Offer

Authentic African Cooking

Only the best for our customers. Homemade, we attach importance to a cuisine without preservatives.

Fresh ingredients

It is important for us to use only fresh ingredients that we cook ourselves. The main element is the leaves of Ndolè, freshly harvested and washed in Cameroon. Everything is then cooked in Switzerland according to the standards.


For meat lovers, we have a wonderful variant with smoked bacon and Swiss beef. For seafood lovers, shrimps.
And for vegetarians, a natural version.

recyclable Trays

We also care about our planet, so all trays are recyclable.

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