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Our concept

Great Afro Food is a concept which aims to promote,enhance and commercialize the tasty african cooking. It was developed by HENZA GEMS SARL, a swiss import-export company. NDOLÈ is a typical cameroonian dish, and the first chosen by Great Afro Food to be revealed in Switzerland.The Fast Food appears and the ready to consume that we propose does not exist yet.
Our approach, the NDOLÈ TRAY is innovative, we put an emphasis on the quality of the product that passes through the freshness of components such as beef, bacon or shrimp. We propose to the consumer a reliable product. We are leader of the distribution of Ndolè “READY TO CONSUME” and “Home Made” in Switzerland and progressively in Europe according to the demand.”Great Afro Lunch” is a monthly cooking event, organised to share many others african meals including NDOLÈ ready-to-go in trays available for everybody who want to take it back at home.
Great Afro Food supports the NGO “Afrique Solidarité Suisse” working in Cameroon, supports and helps people in need. For each tray sold, 1 swiss franc will be directly donated to this NGO. In this way, our customers and consumers will actively participate in the development of a community and at the same time support the farmers who produce those leaves, which constitute the basic element of this exceptional dish. “Build a responsible and supportive costumer base” is our goal.


What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

Very pleasantly surprised the quality is indeed at the rendezvous. A meal at the top Nothing to say except to advise you to taste. We subscribe every Wednesday


“Fabulous food & flawless service”

Very good service, as well as the meal. The promoters are very nice. Nothing to say if it is a beautiful experience in everything.


“Another successful experience”

I usually order ndole at great afro food and every time it’s a great experience for the taste buds 🙂



I remain speechless. This African dish is simply sublime


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9:00pm – 6:00pm

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